Monday, March 14, 2011

Does This Outfit Make Me Look Single?

Recently, I read an article on's blog called "Your Perfect Date Night Color: What to Wear". According to, it's not only what you wear that's significant; the color(s) of your clothes matters too. That makes me think that if I wear the wrong color, my date might think, "Oh, that color totally makes her look like she's the kind of girl who will always love her cats more than me. I'm out of here."

According to the article, "White symbolizes purity (the traditional bridal dress), spirituality, and silence." The article also says, " If you love to wear some white, you are probably seen as clean and orderly, but you may want to work on breaking the silence a bit as well." I suppose it would be good if the guy saw me as "clean", because I wouldn't want him to think that I'm the kind of girl who doesn't believe in showers. (FYI: I shower every day, thank you very much.) I'm not sure if I really want him to think of me as "orderly" though, because then he might not think of me as the woman who could possibly be the mother of his future children but the woman who could reorganize his apartment for him.

Also, if I show up wearing a white dress, I'm not sure I want him to immediately think I'm practicing for when I put on my wedding dress. On the other hand, I suppose he's less likely to think that as long as I leave the veil at home.

The article also says, "Though they say black is the most flattering color on all, there’s no denying the sense of mystery and allure you portray." Great! I've always wanted to be seen as alluring, but that's not why I have so many black clothes. I usually wear black (not just on dates, but every day) because that way if I spill coffee or food on my clothes the stains will be less noticeable. I guess that could be construed as being "mysterious", because then my date could think, "Hmm, I wonder what food stain that is on her sleeve? Could it be macaroni and cheese? Or Cheetos? That is a mystery. I should ask her out again just so I can find out."

"Blue is a color of simplicity, truth, and intellect. Regardless of the shade, this color says 'I like to be understood' to your date." I don't typically wear blue on dates, unless you count blue jeans. But is it a total fashion faux pax to wear jeans on the first date, especially if you're just going out for coffee or drinks to a casual bar? Besides, if I do wear jeans, I wear the one pair I own that doesn't have holes in them, and that says something, right? (What? I'm a broke grad student. I can barely afford to replace the clothes that have holes in them; you think I have the cash to to buy new outfits every time I go out?)

I do want "to be understood" by my date, though. I want it to be understood that if he makes fun of me for not making as much as money as he does just because I am in grad school and work multiple part-time jobs, I'm out of there. But not before I throw my drink at him.

What do you think? Do you think that the colors that a person wears reveals something about his or her personality?

For my date with chemistry bachelor #3, I wore dark colors. Did they have any effect on him? I'll let you know in my next blog post.


  1. I think style of clothing speaks more than color.

    As for white, even if was guaranteed to be the best color in the world, I wouldn't wear it because it would be filled with spills in no time. Just like you, that's why most of my clothes are black.

    I wear a lot of gray too. Wonder what that means.

    I think these sites make it too easy to obsess!

  2. I think no matter what you wear, he won't notice--unless it shows off cleavage or leg. :)

  3. Dear Lord, as if you don't have enough to worry about already! I'm with Theresa - I think it's more about the style than the colour.

  4. Hi Theresa,
    I think you're right about style. I don't usually remember what colors my dates wore, but I do remember whether or not they dressed to impress.

    Hi Sadako,
    See, that's the thing; I tend to be really conservative when it comes to clothes. A v-neck is revealing enough for me, and even then I don't like it if it's cut too low. :)

    Hi Talli,
    I never interpreted colors before, but I will admit I've noticed if the guy doesn't know how to wear matching colors. But it's not like that's a deal breaker or anything, tee hee.

  5. I don't really put a lot of faith in what colors/styles/etc. say about a person. I wear a lot of dark colors but my favorite colors are brighter. Of course, I could just be an anomaly. I don't judge based on outward appearance but how you show your inner colors (haha) to me will probably affect how I see your outside.

  6. Yeah, I say wear whatever you feel comfortable and attractive in. Don't wear something where you're constantly thinking, is my pit sweat visible? Eek, good luck.

  7. Hi E. Elle,
    Inner colors are definitely important, which is why I typically prefer to meet the guys in person sooner rather than later. I've found that it's much easier to figure out what guys are really like when I talk to them in person.

    Hi Hannah,
    I do prefer comfortable clothes, which is why I like casual dates where I can wear jeans. I wish I could feel comfortable in high heeled shoes just because they look good.

  8. Good point! Looking polished vs. resembling a slob.