Monday, March 30, 2015

My Thirties Are Showing

1. In 1995, when My So-Called Life was still on the air, I was a year younger than the show's main character, Angela Chase. I, like, totally related to her teenage angst and her crush on Jordan Catalano.

In 2015, I am now closer in age to Angela's mother, and I think that Angela was a little too self-centered and spoiled. I also think Jordan Catalano needed a haircut.

2. I do not think guys in their early to mid-twenties are attractive, because they make me feel old.

3. I have no idea what Snapchat or Yik Yak is. I also don't understand why Instagram is interesting, because I really don't care what other people are having for lunch.

4. Listening to twenty-two-year olds talk about their weekend plans makes me think I would need to drink several energy drinks just to be able to stay up as late as they do.

5. My students stare blankly at me when I make pop cultural references to the nineties, because most of them were born at the end of that decade.

6. I started browsing online and in stores for beauty products that will make me look younger, because my face has wrinkles, probably from all the times I scowled at younger people who got on my nerves.

7. I can't even understand half of what younger people say, text, or Tweet these days. It's like they have their own language, using abbreviations like "OMG" and "ILY" and words like "totes" and "bae." I looked up the definition for "bae", and I found out that it means "Before Anyone Else." It's supposed to refer to your significant other. But "bae" is also the Danish word for "poop." (I don't think most younger people are aware of that.)

8. I didn't grow up using a cell phone like young people today do. So when students send me irate e-mails demanding to know why I haven't responded to their other e-mails, which they sent two or three hours before, I tell them it's because I don't check my phone 237 times an hour like they do.

9. I've always hated posing for pictures, which is one of the reasons I don't post any pictures of myself on my blog. So I don't get the obsession with taking selfies. It's like, "Hey, I'm out to dinner with my friends! I'm going to take a selfie," or "Hey, I'm shopping for new clothes! I'm going to take a selfie," or "Hey, I'm standing outside a café where people are being held hostage! I hope I look good in my selfie."

(I swear I'm not making the last one up. I heard about a situation where people were held hostage in a café, and while law enforcement officers were trying to rescue them, random civilians were standing nearby, posing for selfies. Could they be more insensitive and despicable? I wish I could have whapped their cell phones out of their hands with those selfie sticks that people are buying these days.)

10. Forty no longer seems old to me, since my thirty-fourth birthday is this Wednesday, which means my fortieth birthday is just six years away. I do, however, still hear the Jaws theme song whenever I think about turning forty.

What about you? When do you feel like your age is showing, or are there ever times where you don't understand the latest trend?


  1. I had no idea bae actually stood for something. I thought people were just being lazy and not saying "baby" or something like that. LOL. Speaking of which, "LOL" is the only texting abbreviation I ever use. I tend to write out full sentences, actually and even hate things like "u" and "cuz."

    And I'm totally with you on #3. If I had an Instagram, it would be nothing but pictures of my cat.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I couldn't figure out what bae meant at first either; I kept seeing that word in other people's Tweets. I like to use "hahahahaha" instead of "LOL", so that I sound like I'm cackling like an evil genius.
      I must admit that I would put up pictures of my parents' dogs on my Instagram page if I had one; the only pictures I usually take with my cell phone are of the dogs, because they're so cute.

  2. I am turning thirty next year and I swear i can hear my joints creak when I walk and most distant relatives want to know whats wrong with me for not being married or having kids yet. Plus, I now have a few grey hairs. People also like pointing out that I'm not getting any younger. (Eye roll) I don't like posing for photos either and I don't get this new social media languages. I still use real words, which I guess makes me uncool :)

    1. Hi Murees,
      I always thought my hair wouldn't turn gray or white until I was in my fifties or sixties; mine started turning white when I was still in my twenties.
      You're not uncool for not using those words, especially because those words will probably go out of style soon enough anyway.

  3. I don't understand why kids don't understand pop culture references from previous decades. I was born in the 1970s, but I know a lot about the 60s because my parents would talk about them - not to me, to each other, and I'd listen. Perhaps they're too busy taking selfies?

    1. Hi Annalisa,
      I think that a lot of people have a problem with listening these days, because like you said, they're busy taking selfies. Or they're busy texting, Tweeting, or updating their Facebook pages. Countless times I've sat next to young people in cafes where, instead of talking to each other, they spend the whole time staring at their phones.

  4. I'm only one year older! I try to ignore a lot of that text speaking because it's too ridiculous for words. Bae, seriously?
    Aww, I remember My So-Called Life! I should watch it again -- bet I'd identify with the mother too!

    1. Hi Deniz,
      I couldn't understand why people kept using "Bae"; I never liked that word.
      I used to love watching My So-Called Life, and I liked that they showed the parents' perspectives, rather than just Angela's perspective of them.

  5. I'm the same age as you, I've never even heard of Yik Yak and I've never taken a selfie. :-P

    1. Hi Rachel,
      I'm hoping that people will stop taking selfies after a few years, but I doubt it. I think that people take those selfies mainly so they can get as many "likes" as possible.